Hello, my name is

Sadhbh Redmond

I'm a front-end developer, based in Dublin, Ireland

I am a neuroscience graduate currently working as a quality assurance associate in the digital consulting industry. Outside of work, I spend my time learning to code and developing my front-end web development skills. So far in my coding journey, I have learned HTML5, CSS, JavaScript (ES6), Bootstrap, Git, GitHub, IDE Visual Studio Code, API integrations, SEO, responsive design, and much more!

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Here are some of the projects I've created so far. (incl. this portfolio)

interactive weather app with five day forecast

Weather App

This is my first interactive application. I used fundamental front-end technologies to create this project, principally:

  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • JavaScript (ES6)
  • Bootstrap

Additionally, I integrated a live API to render the web application functional. Finally, whilst creating this project, I learned how to use both Git and GitHub to better manage my code with a more streamlined development workflow and to keep up with industry-standard version control practices.

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Digital Art Page

This project marks the first time I tried coding and building a web page! To create this simple static project, I learned the basics of HTML5, CSS and JavaScript (ES6). I also familiarised myself with the IDE Visual Studio Code.

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webpage about digital art and digital art brushes